May 2012 Exam Results


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I wasn't expecting the results until Jul-6. But, I was pleasantly surprised by GARP today. I cleared FRM L2 and can't stop jumping with joy!

I couldn't have done this without David and his crew's support. I can't thank them enough for putting together such an amazing set of study materials. BT is the way to go for all FRM aspirants.

I think it apropos that when GARP releases your results they don't just tell you what quartile you're in, they also provide the normal curve with you're respective quartile demonstrated in white vs the rest of the distribution in blue. All quant, all the time at GARP!


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I cleared both level 1 & Level 2 .
level 1: 1,1,1,2
level 2: 2,4,3,3,2
It's still sinking in...I was expecting the results tonight as I thought it would be US time morning on 6th when the results will be declared.( I am in Zurich)

Thanks a lot to Bionic Turtle team. You guys seriously rock!!! The only reason I have low scores in Level 2 is I did not have time to do the David's practice questions throughly. As I was taking both levels together, got a little hard pressed for time and hence the valuation section in Level 1 also had lesser marks (2nd quartile). i even wrote the same in my post exam feedback that I wish I had done the practice questions throughly.

I seriously believe that my decision in jan 2012 to register for Bionic Turtle was one of the best decisions in last 6 months. :) :) Thanks you guys..


Congratulations Hend.
I also started after 40. Family does require more time and there are deterrents that only age will tell :) but on the whole, the feeling is good.

Wow...great achievement sokano28j...I'm 40 too, but I only just started :)



Any plans for CAIA? :)

It must be frightfully costly to maintain so many certifications / memberships. Or maybe you are charging them to the employer?

Yes. I am all done now i have CFA, CPA, CIA, CMA and FRM!!! I think I am done!!! I am already 40 years old!


Passed. 36 yrs old. Now have CFM / CFA / CFP / FRM .... done with studying !!!!!

Thank you to everyone on this foruma and special thanks to David for the fantastic help provided!