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Post purchasing the material not Able to start studying your materials. Too much complicated and no guidance to start accessing the study material. Please fix the same and support
Hi Krish, try to use the study planner! Yes it is a lot! But do note that BT is compiling a lot of practice questions from previous years. I recommend to read the books; go to the study notes and read parallel (write down most important parts of each chapter) & then make exercises & practice exams.
Good evening,
I am reaching out to get some tips on how to better tackle the exam as I unfortunately failed the FRM part I . I had a fair understanding in all the quantile except for quantitative analysis , any suggestions ??
Hi @Christelle D ,

I am not sure of your exact study plan so I can only give general advice. Perhaps you can try to focus more on questions? That always works for me, and probably spend more time on QA.
Hi, I cleared FRM Part I in May 2018, I would like to know if May 2022 exam would be my last attempt to clear FRM II without re-appearing for FRM I? Or is my last attempt December 2021?
Hi, I am in the same boat. CLeared level 1 in 2018 and just forgot about it. Is this our last chance to clear the test?
Hi Ranadheer, I was communicated by GARP that my last attempt would be May 2022 (I raised a query via mail). However I can't see this information anywhere in my GARP profile.