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Became a Certified FRM today. Thank you, David, Nicole, the entire BT "Turtle Friend" community, and the LORD. To the many FRMs in the making, stay focused, stay on topic with the LOs, and don't give up!
unable to access practice questions or study notes on vitalsource? says "sorry you don't have access to this book" ???
I am facing the same issue since a week...no response from the BT Support...
Hey guys, I had the same issue two days ago. Check your emails received after purchasing your materials, here you will find your “ebook code”. Follow the instructions outlined in the same email to the vital source platform, then to tools and look for the part that asks you to “redeem code”. Hope this helps
yeah i hadnt seen that code redeem email, worked for me
I also cannot access my study notes or questions. Says "Sorry, you don't have access to this book."
@Raiby007, can you share the screenshot? you can email the support, they should be able to help.
I think, vitalsource can improve the interface by allowing people to edit for short note on the pdf it self. The card feature for me is not uuseful.
Hi Team, I can't seem to access my Part 2 course on the bionic turtle my courses page, please help. I would like to watch the videos over the weekend
I have same problem for Part 2 course