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  • Hello Suzanne, if is possible that You have more solutions from book Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, not just chapter 1-3 and 19? I need chapters 4-7 for my exam next month. I would really appreciate if You could post them or send them to me, please (my email: [email protected]). Thanks for your help
    Hello Suzanne, As the new formula sheet of level 2 is about a week away, can you please mail me the previous formula sheet? I will use that formula sheet only to familiarize myself to the structure of that sheet. Seeing a past formula sheet will also help me in planning for the next two weeks (if the volume is heavy, I should allocate more time for that sheet). My email address is [email protected]
    I recall in the past that David and you would have Saturday interactive sessions that went through the incremental FRM sections through a WebEx or IM meetings. I found them very helpful.

    Are doing it this year? And will you send reminders through email or post it on the bionic site?

    Thanks in Advance


    I just sent Kristina at GARP, as well as you and David an e-mail. They seem to have made a serious error on the page where you are supposed to register for the FRM.

    All the best,
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