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    P2.T6.332. Incremental and marginal credit value adjustment (CVA)

    @shahatul, We apologize for the inconvenience and have reported this to our developer. We will get these images back ASAP.
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    Readings - should I plan to read everything

    @frm_risk, You can find that FAQ here:
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    Dowd: [(significance% * n) + 1]th

    Hi @ARwin Thank you for visiting our forum! In the future, can you please utilize the topic boards? If you know the specific topic, I can move this for you. Thanks!
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    Hi All !

    Raiden, You certainly can begin your studies now, however, we will not have the 2014 curriculum from GARP until December/January. At that time, we will be able to begin prepping and reorganizing the content according to the new curriculum. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what changes...
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    Good luck and New Website Coming Soon!

    Good luck to all those sitting for the FRM this weekend. Just a reminder... Our new website launches this coming Monday. Our site will be down Sunday evening thru Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience. Here is our new home page video for our upcoming website that launches Monday...
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    Mock Exams

    Yes that is correct. Here are direct links: P1.Mock A: P1.Mock B: P1.Mock C: P1.Mock D...
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    Mock Exams

    cdbsmith, Yes, that is correct that we are working on mock exams. Early next week at the latest, but I'm going to try and get them done by tomorrow. Thanks!
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    Frm Level 1 exam admit card issue

    Ravi Lal, I know this was an issue last year, however it sounds to me like they changed the policy so it wouldn't be an ongoing problem. My source is a credible source at GARP within their administration. I have high confidence that you will not have a problem. If this change was necessary...
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    Frm Level 1 exam admit card issue

    Ravi Lal, I've just heard back from my contact at GARP and was told the following: "The middle initial is fine on the admission ticket." It sounds like you should be okay as-is. Thanks!
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    Frm Level 1 exam admit card issue

    Ravi Lal, Can you please email me the following: Name on your admit card: Name supposed to be on your admit card: GARP ID #: After I have that information at [email protected], I should be able to get that rectified for you. Thanks!
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    2013 FRM Calendar (Updated 8/15/2013)

    delta123 - Yes, we are going to have one (or two) additional mock exams per part. We are working as fast as we can. We have just deployed Part 1 formula sheets and I am getting ready to upload Part 2 formula sheets. Please be patient, they are coming. Thanks!
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    2013 FRM Calendar (Updated 8/15/2013)

    delta123 - Chapter 7 is here:
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    2013 FRM Calendar (Updated 8/15/2013)

    David Harper, CFA, FRM, CIPM, I agree with you. I think we can wait for the new formula sheets since it will only be a few more days.
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    Study notes

    Heimdal, Please keep in mind that we do not have the individual study notes for T8, however we do have the bulk one published. Investment: Thanks!
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    Mock exams for 2013

    tjpollard & David Harper, CFA, FRM, CIPM, Yes, that is correct. We are working on one (or two) more per Part to launch prior to the exam. Thanks!