Will 70% correct on the FRM Level II Exam be enough to pass?

Hi All, Hope you're all doing great, if you're preparing to write FRM II this year, as I am on Dec. 8th. I'm Nishant Xavier from India. I worked in Bank of New York Mellon for over 2 years as a Quantitative Analyst in Financial Management. I currently work in Credit Suisse as an Investment Risk Analyst in Risk Management. It's been hard balancing 80 Hour Work-Weeks with 300-400 Hours of Preparation required to clear FRM Level II (I cleared FRM L1 though, doing something similar in BNY, by God's Grace!), but I think I've done ok so far.

So, my question is, what's the bare minimum mark that absolutely guarantees you will pass? I understand the final percentile ranking and pass grade is relative. But if you score 70% on the exam, are we guaranteed to pass with at least 99% Confidence? I did a Mock Test (FRM 2021 Practice Exam, sent to us by GARP for Free when we register) and got exactly 70% on the Exam, 56 Questions Correct out of 80. Would this be a passing grade in virtually aim higher, for like 60 (75%) or 64 (80%) to be sure.

Conceptual questions are more difficult for me. Because of my quantitative background, numerical questions are a breeze. I try to approach the passing score when I'm done with the numericals. Although I estimate only about 55-60% of the questions are numericals, so you definitely need at least some conceptual questions to clear.

Thoughts from you good people here?

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No answers?

Anyway, I prepared as best I could, and wrote one more FRM II Mock Test.

Just about to leave for my exam now. It will be 2:00 to 6:00 PM India Time.

I'll let you all know how it goes. We'll discuss on BT once everyone's exam's end.


Good luck Nishant! I would say 70% is almost certainly enough.

I'm in the same boat as you - the quantitative stuff is fine but the qualitative questions very vague and not what is practiced in the field


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same here i did well on BT mock and very well on garp mock, but knowing garp, I am not sure what to expect on exam day... I think at this point in time, we just have to relax until exam day, the difficult part (the preparation process) is behind us....

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@David, we are free to publicly discuss specific questions, aren't we? Please let me know if there is any Forum Policy that states otherwise.


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Hope today is the last day for FRM Part 2 exam. The write-up/inputs which the current batch gives will be helpful for upcoming students - May 2022 Exam.

What could be the passing score for FRM Part 2. I still remember I got 1322 in FRM Part 1 and passed the exam. Will it still be the case for Part 2. (Since we have only 80 Questions). Getting a 3rd quartile can we still pass the Part 2 Exam.

Which are the topics which are easy to complete first.

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@David, we are free to publicly discuss specific questions, aren't we? Please let me know if there is any Forum Policy that states otherwise.
Hello @Nishant Xavier No GARP does not allow us to post a forum feedback thread until all of the exams are over. They are still ongoing today. I posted this earlier in the week, and we will open it for discussion when all exams have been completed: https://forum.bionicturtle.com/threads/november-2021-part-2-exam-feedback.24107/. Generally, we open the thread the first business day after the exams (Monday), but I will get online on Saturday to open the thread.