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Does any know apart from risk management, what are the other finance profiles which have been approved? A google search mainly gives results of people within risk management as FRMs.


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Hi Team,

I have passed both the exams. Few weeks back, to become a member with GARP, I had to submit my experience resume to GARP on which they had responded to elaborate more.

My worry is If I fail to respond in a way they are expecting they might reject my request.

Can anyone please help me by sharing a template or letter they might have written to GARP for verifying the experience?

I will be grateful.

Thank you.

Lu Shu Kai FRM

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Hi @Gypsymat ,

I don't think it makes any sense for GARP to reject any request. All they are looking for is a reason to approve your request as an additional ", FRM" in your name card provides free publicity to them.

You can probably try to highlight as much of financial risk management aspects in your cover letter as possible.

Like even if I did something unrelated to risk management such as trade settlement, I would mention that the FRM helped me to understand the importance of risk management and separation between front and back offices, which is actually a particular case study in the FRM part I!

Alex B

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I`ve passed the FRM Part2 exam on May 2021.
As i mentioned little at the title, I have some questions about the certification procedures.
According to the FRM policies, it saids that I have to submit 2 years of work experience within 5 years since I pass the Part2 exam. But recently, I have decided to go to the graduate school.
Let me simplify my time schedule scenario.
2021 / 5 - Passed the part2
2022 / 3 - Start studying at graduate school.
2024 / 2 - Finish the graduate school.
2024 ~ 2025 - Working at the financial institution.(Related to risk management.)
2026 / 2~3 - Submit my 2 years of work experience, and apply for the certification process.
Assuming that this scenario goes well, is there any problem with getting my certification ?

Additional question - I want to know when the 5 years start from. Is it 2021 / 5 that i took the exam? or is it 2021 / 7 that i received a mail that I passed the part2 exam?

I got so many precious advices, and resources when I was preparing for the FRM exam! It would be grateful if I can get some advice from this forum again.



After clearing part2 in the last session of november 2022, and I have some doubts about the submission of the relevant work experience, I'd try to solve here before contact GARP:

  • There is a kind of template to be used in writing your experience? Or it's enough to write it and submit it in a standard format like doc/pdf in a document created by yourself?
  • There is a minimum/maximum number of words/pages you have to satisfy for the submission?
  • Do you need to cite directly the names and the references of the company where you gained the working experience?

Thank you very much

EDIT: Ok, I noticed now that in the Garp site you have to follow a guided procedure to submit the working experience, so all my questions are meaningless.
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