work experience

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    FAQ After Exam Does PhD count as work experience?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding what qualifies as a work experience. The website stated that : "Experience completed during school will not be considered, including internships, part-time jobs, or student teaching." I'm going to start my PhD in Risk & Actuarial Studies on February...
  2. V

    FRM exam validity before getting certified

    Hi All, I have passed FRM part 1 in nov 2016 and planning to attempt part 2 in may 2017. I am a recent graduate and don't have any work experience. Can somebody tell how much time do i have after passing part 2 to show relevant work experience and gain cerification ? What happens if i fail to...
  3. Maged

    FAQ After Exam Work Experience Verifying Time

    Based on members feedback, it's starting from 15 days after submission
  4. J

    FAQ After Exam Questions about work experience

    Hi guys, I have one question regarding the work experience, should we must have exprience in risk management industry? I used to worked in an investment bank, in its investment banking division, and currently I am working in a listed company, in its investor relations department. Just wondering...
  5. O

    Anybody knows how long it takes for GARP to verify the work experience

    for those who already sumitted the work exp. in the resume builder, has anyone of you received confirmation from GARP that "your experience has been reviewed and complete" ? I guess that is the date when you become a certified FRM and can use the title in the resume! that's a somewhat defining...