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I don't know VBA or SQL. What is the best way to learn them?


When it comes to data, what's worked for me are visuals and practice; reading books didn't help me because I don't have a programming background. There are a lot of youtube videos for VBAs (I love youtube when it comes to learning) and for SQL I can recommend - I learned SQL at work so I can't vouch for their (CodeAcademy) quality but I did use them for Python and that was a good experience.


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Volunteer to do some financial modelling in some companies..that helps a lot as then people will help you as you are not paid. :)

Dr. Jayanthi Sankaran

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Hi @Kavita.bhangdia,

Datacamp is a great site for free courses in R programming and Python. Although I have registered for both, have not found the time as yet...Coursera and are also good sites. I don't particularly care for Coursera because they are in the money minting business. I like the rest...Hope this helps:)



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You can check up for Excel, R and Python. You can also check up Coursera, although edx has more free courses - courses you can audit for free! You can also check up the SAS website - although personally, I have not paid it much attention. Will relearn SAS when I get the time. SPSS and Matlab are useful too!

Hope that helps!
Good Information. Thanks Dr.Jayanthi. Really its very helpful for me to learn

Deepak Chitnis

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Hi, I started to learn financial modeling from and I kind of liked it and also visited, now I am geting more interested in financial modeling I like to know more. @brian.field you mentioned for book can you suggest me some books for it if you know?
@David Harper CFA FRM I noticed you have also have great experience with financial modeling how did you learn it? Can you share some resources?
Thank you:)!

Dr. Jayanthi Sankaran

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Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the various websites that you have mentioned above. The way to learn Excel for Risk Management is to jump into David's spreadsheets, straightaway! Also, Gregory has spreadsheet references all over his chapters. And as far as Options, Futures and Derivatives go, jump directly into Hull's spreadsheets in his DerivaGem software...

I remember when I was working at Bankers Trust with my boss (who was a trader), he just gave me spreadsheets to dive into....

Since, I plan to be in Risk Management, that is what I am doing...just have to be really focused! As far as R programming goes, will register with Datacamp, when I get the time.


Deepak Chitnis

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Thank you @Dr. Jayanthi Sankaran , you are right, I just learning financial modeling in my free times and I really enjoyed learning it. For risk management I have done some courses from datacamp and they are so great. If you need aditional practice also visit (shared by @Mkaim and I am thankful for sharing that) they also have done nice work!


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I am planning to learn financial modelling. So just wanted to know about the best course to learn. Are there any online material providers for financial modelling like the Schweser and BT videos for FRM/CFA.

Hi Ajay,

if you really want to learn financial modeling course. Then you can even learn by watching online video tutorials that are available on YouTube and other platforms for free. But as you know, free course materials will only provide basic information.

If you’re interested in online financial modeling course, I would recommend you iBanking Training’s online course. The industry experts have designed this course to coach students and learners and to give’em a practical approach through their video tutorials to create & build a strong and successful financial model.

You Can Learn Financial Modeling in Various Phases. Like :-

Phase 1 :-

  • What Financial Models Do
  • Leading Approaches to Model Building
  • Using Accounting Strategies & Ratios
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • How to Excel at Excel (functions)
  • Translating Financial Data into Excel
Phase 2 :-

  • The 3 Top Valuation Methods
  • When to Use Different Valuation Methods
  • Difference Between Book & Market Value
  • Equity Value Versus Total Enterprise Value
  • How to Use Trading Multiples
  • How to Become a Valuation Expert
Phase 3 :-

  • Build a Model from Start to Finish
  • How to Tailor Results to End Users
  • How to Interpret the Results
  • How to Reduce Modeling Errors
  • Disciplined, Structured Model Building
  • Telling Good Models from Bad

    Online Financial Modeling Training will teach you Excel that you can build a successful Financial Models. The end of the course, you will be able to build any models independently that provides dynamic projections that will be used to analyze a organization from operations, investment, financing, valuation, Corporate Baking etc.
Hope you understand all these points. Everyone has their own points to think but I would personally suggest you to go with iBanking Training online financial modeling course as it will not only save your much precious time but also give you more opportunities to join communities and ask your questions related to the course and there will be many helping hands to sort out your queries.

Also, they’ve uploaded their course material to one of the best platform available for learners - Udemy and the only reason why they chose this platform is that they want to be transparent amongst learners. Any subscriber can leave their feedback about their course which will eventually help others to go with their course.

Currently, they are offering this course at 50% discount on Udemy. The real cost of the course is $30 but for first 30 subscribers, they are offering it only at $15. If we talk about Indian Rupees, it will only cost you around Rs.1000 which is much more cheaper than joining any financial modeling institute.

You can visit the below link for more details about their financial modeling course and its modules in detail.

=> Financial Modeling and Valuation: Complete Beginner to Pro at - At Just $15

Let me know in case you need any more help.

Happy Learning!



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Hi All,

Thanks for all the resources and views. After clearing FRM II, I did one Financial Engineering & Risk Management Part I course from Coursera. It was good. You may try.It has also its part-II which I am yet to do.


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HI All,
Need help picking up a good certification to get into Financial Modelling. My Qualifications (Engineering, MBA), i have recently completed my FRM Level 2 as well. I was thinking of SAS but i am not sure which module to choose. I am currently working a Pre-Sales consultant for an IT firm and looking break throug into the Risk Managemt industry. Please Advise. I keep hearing about R and SAS, not sure where to start. Please share any information you might have.


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Hi all,
I am thinking about to register for financial modeling offered by do you think investing $400 to $500 in financial modeling will worth it or should I pursue any other course? Is there any other (computer skill) demanding course in finance?
Thank you:)!

I completed it from MindCypress and landed in the company i wanted. They helped me even after the course was complete. You can try giving them a shot. I'm sure you will see how beneficial it was, just like it helped me. This is a personal contact for the consultant you can call her and speak directly.

Phone No.- +1-657-888-0594 you can also WhatsApp her on +1-424-343-8012.