Exam Feedback May 2019 Part 2 Exam Feedback


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Apologizes for a little offtopic, but can someone please explain me the solution for that question?
4. Mean reversion, long-run mean rate -> Answer = 0.26/0.72 = 0.36


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I submitted on 29 June in the evening hours (CET) and received the mail today. Unfortunately, it turned out that my submission is incomplete. Start and end date were both set to 06/29/2019 (not sure how that happened). Turns out that submitting the work experience is the most difficult part for me :) Hopefully, it will get through on the next attempt.
Same story. I've received e-mail that dates are inconsistent in my experience description. Re-sent the same day with correct dates and got approved and certified)
Hi guys! Somebody has received the certificate?
Yep. For a long time I felt like I was living with an emptiness inside of me. Affecting all the relationships I had romantically and with my family. Receiving the paper form certification from GARP seems to have filled that void. Happiness has returned and I'm looking forward to the future once again.


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Got it about a month ago. I think delivery has sometimes been an issue in the past - you may check the Nov 2018 FRM 2 Feedback thread to see how other folks resolved issues.
Hello All, Congrats to all of you who were passed and got certified. As Nov'19 Part2 results are going to be out in couple of days, would like to seeks few details in terms of filling the experience details while submitting for certification, Could you please what're the do's & don'ts while filling the experience details and how precise it should be. What are the factors & content to be included or not. Would like to here from all of you (especially people whose request got rejected). Please respond ASAP as we're away only couple of days for the results. Thanks.