Exam Feedback November 2021 Part 2 Exam Feedback

Hey- Does anybody know how long it will take GARP to validate work experience and send us FRM charter who passed the exam / adding our names to roster of certified FRM's?


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You wouldn’t say that before passing lol
In addition, don’t forget that those who did part 2 had to pass part 1 in which the pass rate was 40%. The candidates that passed part 1 are all sharp and worked extremely hard. So a 60 percent pass rate for candidates who are all intellectual evidenced by clearing part 1 is sufficient I feel & fair in my opinion. Again to those who failed don’t give up and if your dedicated to the field keep going.
By God's Grace, I cleared FRM Level II! I got the result just a couple of days ago! Thank You Bionic Turtle! Thank You David Harper! Thank You Nicole Seaman!


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Passed P1 and 2 first time scorings 1s in each section. The fact that I have been working in several risk roles for 5 years aided me greatly, alongside the Bionic Material.

Recommendation for people, for Part II, do all the questions in the question bank, , when you get one wrong or are slightly unsure about the method to get to the answer, put a picture of that question in a spreadsheet. At the end you might have a bank of 100-200 questions, and redo these until you can do these correctly. There are links to BT forums for most, if not all questions with detailed discussions and potential corrections.

Good luck all,


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I have provided from my point of view very detailed work experience description
I have indicated 2 places of work (5 years in summary) and in each section I have approximately 10 lines
You must be very lucky. I called and asked they mentioned it will take 6-8 weeks. I guess i will have to wait!


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After passing the part 2, did anyone’s current work place acknowledge the accomplishment? Curious to know how it’s like around the world.