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  • I see that bionic turtle is now using VitalSource. However, unfortunately I did not receive any email from VitalSource with the new login.

    Can you please send to me the login details ASAP? I really only have today to start studying and am already very behind. Also, I unfortunately did not receive any notification of this change until I logged in.

    Your prompt response is much appreciated.
    Hi David. I have a question. May sound silly, but I want some clarity. Risk Free Value = Risky Value + CVA. As the name indicates, Risk Free value is for assuming Zero risk. Not sure how can it have a risky component. Can you please advice? Thanks.
    hey David,
    I have just found a response to my question ,the spot rates in thee mapping exemple are just an assumption.
    Hey David,

    Could you please help me to understand how did you extract the spot rates in the exemple of
    the Summarize how to map a fixed income portfolio into positions of standard instruments.
    Instructional Video: Jorion, Chapter 11: VaR Mapping

    Hello David,
    I would like to thank you for this platform:) I am 19 years old, and in my 2nd year in college. I took financial accounting and corporate finance, and am a math major (I have done calc 3). Is it common for students like me to take the FRM? Cause I love this stuff (I spend upwards of 8 hours daily working through the material) but I'm so, so overwhelmed.... I plan to take the Oct/Nov exams. Any advice?
    Hello David, can you help me solve this question?

    Consider a ten-year mortgage loan secured by residential real estate, with an EAD of Euro 250,000 and an estimated LGD of 10 %. Supposing the customer’s PD is 2%, compute the capital requirement under the Basel II IRB approach, the standardized approach of Basel II, and under Basel I? Please explain step by step
    Hi David, Kindly advise how many observations need to calculate daily VaR?
    Nicole Seaman
    Nicole Seaman
    Hello @Hassan2016. Please see the private message that I responded to. We do not provide one-on-one support in private messages or on profile pages like this. All of our support is provided in our public forum so it can also help other members. Thank you.
    Hi David - in the AR(1) model Xt+1 = a + bXt + et+1 what is a? the intercept? why is a/1-b equal to the LRM?
    Hi, I am surprised there is no BSM in Part 3 of FRM 1 (at least not in the videos and the first 3 option Hull chapters). Should we know this for the exam? Thanks in advance.
    2. i am supposed to find review questions after each chapter i finish, i couldn't find that ? is there any depository for all practice questions related to each chapter?
    Nicole Seaman
    Nicole Seaman
    Hello I will answer this because David is very busy answering content questions in the forum. Our study planner is organized according to the GARP syllabus, not the GARP books. If you are referring to chapters in the GARP books, that is not how our study planner is laid out. It is organized by Part, Topic and Reading. You will find the individual materials under each Reading in the study planner.
    Hello David, i'm a new member and have a couple of Q's as i find the website is pretty scrambled and the experience was below my expectation for the money paid.
    1. The chapters' study notes are repeated under different authors (for ex. in Quant. we have chapter 4,5,6 under miller and watson and Diebold) which one in this case we should study from? also for their respective question set.
    Nicole Seaman
    Nicole Seaman
    The study planner is extremely organized (not scrambled), as it follows the exact GARP syllabus (NOT the GARP books). Please email me or send a private forum message if you have more questions about how our website is organized. Posting on our profiles in the forum is not the best way to ask questions. Thank you.
    David Harper CFA FRM
    David Harper CFA FRM
    @eldakrory GARP's syllabus assigns different authors !? ... we're helping you with authors THEY assigned .... I don't even know what to say
    done with forum support today, just getting too tired and I need to get on to other work, I'll be back tomorrow (Monday). Don't stress, if you are practicing, you'll be find. And good luck
    I've been in the forum all morning, I need to record a video now. I will check back tomorrow AM (Sunday) to respond to new questions. Have a good weekend!
    Hi David I found 1 error question in 2018 FRM Part 1 exam conducted on Saturday..Please let me know when i can notify you for the same
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