1. C

    FRM Part 1 November 2020 HK/NYC Study Group

    Hello candidates, I just signed up for the November FRM Part 1 and using Kaplan Schweser. Is there anyone here from Hong Kong or New York City that wants to make a study group? from HK or from NYC or able to speak cantonese (廣東話) If you are interested, please post your email or message it to...
  2. DheerajAgarwal

    Nov 2017 FRM Part 1, NOVA region,

    Hi, I am targeting part 1 in Nov 2017 and wondering if there are folks in an around the loudoun / fairfax county area interested in forming a virtual / in person study group. Also open to folks in and around NOVA / DMV area in general. Drj
  3. David Harper CFA FRM

    How much time is required to prepare (study) for the FRM?

    Hi, We (training providers) attended a GARP this morning. They shared selected results from a survey of May 2011 FRM candidates. Two caveats: I do not know the sample size (n); and Answers do not differentiate between passing/non-passing candidates How much time did you spend preparing for...
  4. brunnim

    FAQ Before Exam FRM exam and study summary

    Overview and Caveats While the FRM exams are still fresh in my mind I wanted to put some words together which summarizes my experience and hopefully provides some color to future candidates. Each candidate will study and experience the program in a different way, so this is by no means an...