1. R

    probability of default annualized vs no of days for loan

    hi guys, i am struggling with this. say i am given an annual probabilty of default for a company going insolvent as 0.02. so 2%. say this client then takes out a 100k , 150 day loan on jan 1st 2018, what is predicted default amount? am i right in thinking you can model this as bernoulli ? i...
  2. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T2.20.2. More probabilities and Bayes rule

    Learning objectives: Calculate the probability of an event for a discrete probability function. Define and calculate a conditional probability. Distinguish between conditional and unconditional probabilities. Explain and apply Bayes’ rule. Questions: 20.2.1. The probability graph below...
  3. G

    Conditional probability question

    Football Team A chances are winning is 50%, probability than star player scores a goal when Team A wins the match is 36%. Star Player scores a goal in 20% of all the matches. Q1 What is the Joint probability of Team A winning and star player not scoring Q2 What is the conditional probability...