1. sleepybird

    Understanding the relationship between Merton Probability of Default (PD) and the Black-Scholes Mode

    Below I am trying to show the relationship between Merton PD and the BSM. Merton PD = N[ -[ln(V/K)+(μ-0.5σ²)T]/σT ] The formula inside the bracket (let’s name it D2 since it) is very similar to the formula for d2 in the BSM for pricing call option: d2 = ln(S/X)+(r-0.5σ²)T]/σT So we have...
  2. David Harper CFA FRM

    Merton model, a summary of the issues

    Since we get a lot of questions on Merton (some issues are merely notational), I wanted to collect my observations into a single place. I hope you like. (fwiw, I don't endorse it, I blame the prominence of this on Stulz' influence in the FRM :rolleyes: ... the math of the BSM is admittedly...