1. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T3.22.21 Convenience of commodities

    Learning objectives: Explain the formula for pricing commodity forwards. Describe an arbitrage transaction in commodity forwards and compute the potential arbitrage profit. Define the lease rate and explain how it determines the no-arbitrage values for commodity forwards and futures. Describe...
  2. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T3.22.20. Commodity Futures

    Learning objectives: Explain the key differences between commodities and financial assets. Define and apply commodity concepts such as storage costs, carry markets, lease rate, and convenience yield. Identify factors that impact prices on agricultural commodities, metals, energy, and weather...
  3. M

    Lease Rate formula in Chapter 11, book 3, FRM Part 1

    @David Harper CFA FRM Hi, I am really confused about the formula of the lease rate that is given in the book (page 139) and the one that is given in the study notes (page 12, P1, T3). the reason for my confusion is when I followed the formula from the book, I got a different result compared to...
  4. S

    Discount Rate and Growth commodities futures.

    Hi David, Can you explain these two terminologies w.r.t to commodities futures. I am getting really confused when to add what to risk free rate. Also is lease rate always positive .i.e. is it always added to the risk free rate? Thanks.
  5. WhizzKidd

    Forward and Futures Market (lease rate)

    Hi David, With regard to gold futures, why do they have an increasing futures curve (contango)? When we have a positive lease rate, because would the +delta not decrease the forward price... So*exp((r-delta)T)? I am struggling to understand why the curve is upward sloping (I am a bit confused...
  6. S

    T3. Markets & Prdts (McDonald and Geman)

    Hi question 189.2, is it always 2 Gasoline and 1 Heating Oil to 3 Oil futures?
  7. W

    Lease rate for commodities

    Hi David, I have a couple of questions about the lease rate and cost of carry. The first is: the lease rate seems to be defined in two very seperate ways. One is growth rate minus discount rate (lease markets) and the ther is convenience yield minus storage costs (carry markets). Maybe I...