implied volatility

  1. X

    GARP.FRM.PQ.P2 2016 Practice exam q 64 volatility smile (garp16-p2-64)

    Hi David, for practice exam Q64, would the exam specify the shape of the smile? (e.g. heavy lift tail, lighter right tail). Or are we suppose to know the shape? if yes, could you please advise what's the correct shape of the volatility smile for each type of options? thank you! 64. A committee...
  2. E

    Vol. Skew (Smirk) - Question

    Hi All, perhaps quite a simple question. I just read through the following CFA article and now I am wondering whether Vol. Skew and Vol. Smirk can be used 1:1 interchangeably? Is there any difference between these two terms? Vol Skew = Vol...
  3. wufuheng1979

    sitcky strike rule

    In handbook P409, it says sticky strike is "the curve does not change", but why "the ISD drops from 18 to 17.5" as the strike is still 100???