1. Jagan.Ganti

    FRM Exam November 2021 in Sydney, Australia

    Hi Has anyone booked for FRM level 1 due in May-2021 from Sydney? I cant find any test centres in Sydney; only two in AUS one in MEL and one in Dandenong (outside of MEL). I wonder if GARP has pulled the pin on Sydney? Regards, Jagan
  2. Nicole Seaman

    GARP Announcement - Transitioning to CBT in 2021

    Some of you may have received this email, but I wanted to share this information that GARP released today in case there are some who did not receive the email. GARP has officially announced that they will be transitioning to CBT in 2021, and exams will be administered over a range of dates...
  3. N

    Chapter 10 Financial Forwards and Futures -- and GARP's practice exams

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM , I have some troubles with chapter 10. I absolutely appreciate, that the studynotes of bionic turtle are way more detailed and in depth than the GARP books. But with this chapter I have some problems to match the book contents to the studynotes. For example in the no...
  4. Nicole Seaman

    GARP's 2017 FRM Information Session + QA

    Yesterday I attended GARP's FRM Information Session + QA webcast, which provides candidates with very helpful information about the FRM exam. I took notes during the information session, and wanted to post those notes here in case they might be helpful :)You can also view the on-demand webcast...
  5. M

    Operational Risk - Optional Reading

    Hi, In the 2016 Learning objectives it lists Optional Regulatory Readings for Reference Candidates are expected to understand the objective and general structure of important international regulatory frameworks and general application of the various approaches for calculating minimum capital...
  6. J

    GARP courses (Foundations; Risk and Regulation)

    Hi All, Have you been aware that GARP offers two financial courses? Foundations: Level 1!/courses/foundations-of-financial-risk and Risk and Regulation: Level 2!/courses/financial-risk-and-regulation Do you have any experience regarding these...
  7. Nicole Seaman

    GARP Testing Policies and Procedures

    These are the GARP testing policies and procedures. Just thought I would post them to make it easier for all of you :) ACCEPTABLE FORM OF GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION Your current identification must exactly match the name under which you are registering for the Exam. Only a current, not expired...