1. The Legal Eagle

    FAQ Before Exam Probably never asked here but...FRM for lawyers?

    Hi all - as you may gracefully expect by seeing my Avatar I'm a qualified lawyer in an EEA jurisdiction and England & Wales. I deal primarily with regulatory issues (largely including Basel III-upcoming-who-knows-exactly-when-Basel IV) and derivatives/structured finance Thing is I am seriously...
  2. J

    Problem with FRM exam's refund

    Hi All, I have registered for the FRM level 1 last year, back in June. Unfortunately, since then my exam had been postponed twice due to COVID-19 and, eventually, I was supposed to take it up in November 2021. Given these circumstances, I requested a full refund from the FRM for the exam's fee...
  3. Jagan.Ganti

    FRM Exam November 2021 in Sydney, Australia

    Hi Has anyone booked for FRM level 1 due in May-2021 from Sydney? I cant find any test centres in Sydney; only two in AUS one in MEL and one in Dandenong (outside of MEL). I wonder if GARP has pulled the pin on Sydney? Regards, Jagan
  4. Z

    When should I take my FRM

    Hi David, I am currently in my mid way of 1st year of Bristol univeristy taking accounting and finance course. should I take on that 1st year does not count to my final grade opprunity to take on FRM exams. I just had few ideas of FRM Exam and it suits my furture path. What is your advice on...
  5. S

    GARP QA textbook question

    Hi, Can you please explain the solution to the following textbook question from hypothesis testing: A data management group wants to test the null hypoth esis that observed data is N(0,1) distributed by evaluating the mean of a set of random draws. However, the actual underlying data is...
  6. N

    FAQ Before Exam Number of practice questions

    Hello everyone, I have finished studying the material and want to make a plan on how many questions to tackle per day in order to finish all question sets of Bionic Turtle by end October. However for that I would need to know the total number of questions in the BT Question sets. Can somebody...
  7. S

    FRM Part - 1 : Study Group November 2019

    Study Group for FRM Part 1 - November 2019. Free exchange of ideas and materials. (Note from Admin: Anyone caught exchanging materials will be removed from this forum. It is illegal to share or sell copyrighted materials). Post your number and I will add you.
  8. N

    GARP lost FRM November part II exams

    Hello all, I have just received an email by GARP saying the transport company lost my exam sheet (I took part II November 2017 in Lisbon - Portugal). Is there anyone else in this situation? What can we do? This is a totally unacceptable situation, after several months studying and dedicating a...
  9. T

    Skype Group FRM Part 1 May 2018 Asia

    I am taking the FRM part I in May 2018, please add my ID skype : ntlong155 to join us
  10. R

    FRM Challenge - free 100 question test

    Hey everyone, If you're prepping for the upcoming FRM exam, check out this free FRM test: You'll get a comparative report at the end of the test as well. Onward, RiskManager316
  11. J

    Enquiry FRM

    Hey there I'm very much interested in pursuing FRM but there are a few unanswered questions in my mind. If you guys could help me out with these questions, i would be able to plan my career. Suppose i'm a 12th grade pass out (17 years) with high marks and, as there is no eligible criteria for...
  12. G

    2017 FRM candidates whatsapp group - study/discussion

    All the study/discussion groups are very scattered and some are.. aged. [email protected] has been created specially to gather FRM candidates of different levels together. Please indicate which level you are in/interested to join. A group link will be provided to you. Please share this...
  13. V

    FRM exam validity before getting certified

    Hi All, I have passed FRM part 1 in nov 2016 and planning to attempt part 2 in may 2017. I am a recent graduate and don't have any work experience. Can somebody tell how much time do i have after passing part 2 to show relevant work experience and gain cerification ? What happens if i fail to...
  14. M

    GARP.FRM.PQ.P1 Increasing Beta question

    A fund manager has a USD 100 million portfolio with a beta of 0.75. The manager has bullish expectations for the next couple of months and plans to use futures contracts on the S&P500 to increase the portfolio´s beta to 1.8. Given the following information, which strategy should the fund manager...
  15. N

    Anyone here with an actuarial background?

    Hi all, First time poster here. I'll be taking FRM Parts I and II in November, and I intend to start studying today. I'm also one last step away from being a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA), and so I already have a lot of exposure to risk management (albeit, geared towards a life...
  16. J

    Completely Lost in Quant

    Hello, I am sure this has been addressed before but I have searched everywhere and really couldnt find the exact answer I am looking for. I just started the Quant book, from GARP, and by page 20 I am already pretty lost. I understand the basic concepts covered up to that point (probability...
  17. M

    Optimal Hedge Ratio Correlation Understanding

    Hi, I have a doubt about the meaning of the hedge ratio. Hedge ratio = ρ * σ_spot / σ_fut Number of contracts = HedgeRatio * PortfolioValue / ValueFuturesContract Therefore, the lower the correlation, the lower the number of contracts. So, let's say that I have a portfolio of $ 1.000.000 of...