frm part 1 study group

  1. O

    FRM Level 1 - Nov. 2022 - Toronto / Greater Toronto Area Group - Canada

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a study group / friends who are also studying the FRM Level 1 in 2022. Once covid is over I'm cool with studying together and making a whatsapp group. Share our experiences and etc. I am located in GTA area in Ontario, Canada. Please drop a comment below for those that...
  2. Kai

    FRM Part 1 May 2022 Study Group - NYC (Closed)

    Hello All, I would like to organize a May 2022 FRM Part 1 Discord study group to keep us on track for the exam. I'm based in NYC (Eastern Standard Time), but am open to any FRM Part 1 candidate anywhere in the world. Kindly message me if you would like to receive an invite to join the Discord...