1. sin.nitins

    Do we need to remember formulas or will they be provided with questions?

    Good day, Hope you all are doing well.. It may have been answered in past, but asking again.. In FRM part 1 exam, do we need to remember all math formulas and equations or are they provided in the questions? Asking because I know of some exams like (TOGAF for enterprise s/w architecture) which...
  2. J

    Derivation of modified duration formula for par bond

    In which study guide or video can i find the derivation of the formula of modified duration of par bond? I understand MD formula for par bond is: MD=[1-(1+y)˄-maturity] / y But still searching for derivation..
  3. Nicole Seaman

    FAQ Exam Will the exam always provide N(d1) and N(d2) or do we need to know how to calculate them? (Are formula sheets provided? Answer: No)

    Question: The BSM formula is actually simple except for N(d1) and N(d2) in the case of the call, and N(-d1) and N(-d2) in the case of the put. Will the exam always provide N(d1) and N(d2) or do we need to know how to calculate them? Answer: That's a good point that BSM is simple except for the...
  4. F

    Handy formulas...

    Hello Fellow BT Forum-ers, As the exams is around the corner...the only cramming we would want to do is cram these useful formulas; Let's get e' ball rolling. Post the formulas you've learn and those you'd like to...memorized by heart! Best bet that comes out in the exams wins.. T4 -...
  5. S

    Formula Summary for the upcoming FRM Exam

    Hi starting a new thread for the important formulas that can come in handy for your exams. Let me start with the following(these are relevant for part I) : 1. Holding Period Return=(V1-V0+D1)/V0 2. Standardized Return= (mean return-Target return)/standard deviation of returns 3. Expected...
  6. J

    Hull - Exotic Options

    Hi David, just in terms of efficient exam preparation and to the best of your experience so far: can we expect that exam questions on Hull's Exotic Options to be conceptual only (=no calculations)? Or to be more specific: as the calculations of the different types of options ans the valuations...
  7. J

    FAQ Before Exam Formulas and Equations

    Is there any way to know which of the formulas discussed in the various readings we are expected to have memorized and be able to apply for the exam?