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    Exam Feedback November 2021 Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Hey- Does anybody know how long it will take GARP to validate work experience and send us FRM charter who passed the exam / adding our names to roster of certified FRM's?
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    Exam Feedback November 2021 Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Passed FRM Part 2 exam with 4,2,3,2,3,1. Big Thanks to David and Nicole. Truly blessed! Amazing Journey!
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    Mapping options (Jorion)

    Hello David - On question 67.3 and 67.4, May I kindly request to provide the effect of gamma and theta. Also may I kindly request to provide the formulas for calculating Gamma, Vega and Theta. Thank you
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    Exam Feedback October 2020 Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Glad you are facing the same issue. I had this issue when I use MaC and when I switched to windows I was able to login to Garp site but response time was slow. When I clicked on FRM part II they mentioned the results will be release on Dec 4th. I guess Patience is the key for one more week :)
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    Exam Feedback October 2020 Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Hello - Good luck!!! There is definitely an error on click on register date in your letter as it should 2021. I am not able to login to GARP site. Sorry I haven't got any email and I believe results are pending.
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    Exam Feedback October 2020 Part 2 Exam Feedback

    Hello - I tried to login to garp site and not able to login in successfully as it refreshes and displays only the main page. Not sure if anybody experienced this issue. I tried to reset my pwd and it refreshed the main page. Thx
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    Risk neutral Probability calculation - Three step process

    Hello - I am trying to calculate Risk neutral probability of three step process P2.T5. Market Risk Measurement & Management In page 27 study download, three step binomial tree I do noticed risk neutral probablities q= 0.6489 May I kindly request to paste the step by step calculation? I...
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    Whatsapp group for FRM part 2 Oct/Nov 2020

    1-646-256-4306. I kindly request to add me to this group for FRM Part 2
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    GARP ERP (Energy Risk) Exam

    Hello - I live in Houston and planning to pursue ERP. Wondering if we have good course program like bionic turtle for ERP. Please advise. Regarding ERP Part1 - I do see passing rate was low based on historical data posted in GARP. Wondering if the syllabus is more theory than math. I looked at...
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    Hull RMFI - EOC 15 Question 21 - Credit Equivalent Amount

    Reference link: R64.P2.T7.Hull_Ch15,16,17 Page 24 15.21. A bank has the following transaction with a AA-rated corporation a) A two-year interest rate swap with a principal of $100 million that is worth $3 million b) A nine-month foreign exchange forward contract with a principal of $150...
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    IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: Publishing Process for 2019

    Hello David - How are you doing? I am preparing for FRM part 2 and noticed Operational risk and Review sections specific to instruction videos and question sets shows "Coming soon". Please advise as we have only a week to go for the exam. Thank you
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    General question

    Thank you david
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    General question

    Hello David, Can you please explain the math portion on this question A five-year bond provides a coupon of 5% per annum payable semiannually. Its price is 104. What is the bond's yield? You may find Excel's Solver useful. Answer: The answer (with continuous compounding) is 4.07% I...