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I think, vitalsource can improve the interface by allowing people to edit for short note on the pdf it self. The card feature for me is not uuseful.
Hi Team, I can't seem to access my Part 2 course on the bionic turtle my courses page, please help. I would like to watch the videos over the weekend
I have same problem for Part 2 course
I can't seem to access the practice problems. I miss the old way of doing things when it was just a simple pdf file that we had to download. Is there any other method where I can access the problems?
how did threy help? I also cannot access my study notes. Says "Sorry, you don't have access to this book."
Hi team, i still can't access to frm 1 material on vital source; the website always sends the same error message: Sorry, you don't have access to this book. Please Fix this issue ASAP.
I wanted to enquire regarding finding the study planner on the bionic turtle website, I do not know how to access it and additionally I do not know how and where to find the 4500 practice questions aswell. The study planner is crucial for me as I will be writing the exam in exactly 3 months.
I wish to know whether the practice questions are the ones in the end of every vital source chapter?
nvm the video lessons for the course is the true study planner , I just realised the area where you watch the videos answer the questions and mark it as complete. I wish to know if there is any other sources for practice papers or questions from other sources
actually where can I find the 4500 questionbank on this website is it the vital source end of the chapter questions? because some of them are a total of 9 questions only, do you reckon whether it will be sufficient enough?
i cannot access to the notes in vital source. It said that i dont have access? Can you please help me?
I see that bionic turtle is now using VitalSource. However, unfortunately I did not receive any email from VitalSource with the new login.

Can you please send to me the login details ASAP? I really only have today to start studying and am already very behind. Also, I unfortunately did not receive any notification of this change until I logged in.

Your prompt response is much appreciated.
Post purchasing the material not Able to start studying your materials. Too much complicated and no guidance to start accessing the study material. Please fix the same and support
Hi Krish, try to use the study planner! Yes it is a lot! But do note that BT is compiling a lot of practice questions from previous years. I recommend to read the books; go to the study notes and read parallel (write down most important parts of each chapter) & then make exercises & practice exams.
Good evening,
I am reaching out to get some tips on how to better tackle the exam as I unfortunately failed the FRM part I . I had a fair understanding in all the quantile except for quantitative analysis , any suggestions ??
Hi @Christelle D ,

I am not sure of your exact study plan so I can only give general advice. Perhaps you can try to focus more on questions? That always works for me, and probably spend more time on QA.
Hi, I cleared FRM Part I in May 2018, I would like to know if May 2022 exam would be my last attempt to clear FRM II without re-appearing for FRM I? Or is my last attempt December 2021?
Hi, I am in the same boat. CLeared level 1 in 2018 and just forgot about it. Is this our last chance to clear the test?
Hi Ranadheer, I was communicated by GARP that my last attempt would be May 2022 (I raised a query via mail). However I can't see this information anywhere in my GARP profile.
Hi, I am working as a manager in a Bank in India and was mostly worked in operations for 5 years. I am looking for a better position now in International banks and want to specialize in Risk. Will FRM certification help me in my pursuit??
It will not be a bad thing to have it on your cv that's for sure. Just don't see it as an end goal, see it as a key that open multiple door of knowledge
I want to appear in May 2021 for FRM part 1, can any one update me about the syllabus, how to go ahead, and is 6 months enough to clear the exam. also I have 10+ years of experience in financial industry (wealth management), does it help, and also, will it considered under professional experience which is required to get the charter/certification of FRM? please advice.
Will it consider for pro xp : yes.

How to proceed : start with book 2 (quant section) then book 3 and then book 4 (once you finish book 4 go straight to book 1 to chapters related from capm & apt from book 1). Then finish with book 1. 6 months is good enough. Just do practice questions from bionic turtle and at the end practice exam from garp and you are all set.

Good luck.
Hi Mr. Hesham,
Hope this message finds you well.
I am currently a candidate in the ORM program and needs your kind tips as my exam day after one month.
I hope to get an answer fro you on my personal email [email protected]

Kind regards,