WIFE Week in Risk (April 15th)

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Political, economic or regulatory risk
Technology and data science (primarily R), including Alternative Data
Exams, Financial Associations (GARP, FRM, CFA Institute) and Careers, including CRO Interviews
  • Deutsche Bank’s New CEO, a Risk Veteran, Warns of Tough Decisions https://trtl.bz/2ExWll6
  • One Year of College With No Degree, But No Debt And a Job at the End (New schools tout themselves as alternatives to college in the digital age … ) https://trtl.bz/2ExXedy
  • As you study for the exam next month, don't forget the importance of sleep: Why Sleep on It is the Most Useful Advice for Learning — and Also the Most Neglected https://trtl.bz/2Htyau1
Books and Courses
  • Political Risk: How Businesses and Organizations Can Anticipate Global Insecurity (by Condoleezza Rice and Amy B. Zegart) https://amzn.to/2IUjb9a I pre-ordered this.
Case Studies and Companies, including Strategic or Reputation risk
Risk Foundations (FRM P1.T1)
Quantitative Analysis (FRM P1.T2)
Financial Markets and Products, including Interest Rates, Commodity Risk, and Foreign Exchange (FX)(FRM P1.T3)
Operational risk, including Legal risk (FRM P2.T7)
Investment risk, including Pensions (FRM P2.T8)
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