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I found the BT channel on youtube, it is very nice and covers many FRM topics. How does it related to the Tier 2 package video tutorials?

Suzanne Evans

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Thank you for your interest in!

Our Tier 2 product includes our videos structured around the FRM Curriculum. On our website, you can find samples to all of these videos. Within the videos, there is a set (a,b,c,d etc.) for each of the nine FRM topics.

If you click on the following link you will see a "View Sample" button which will provide you a sample of our premium video for Part 1, Topic 1 (video a = 1st of the set for Topic 1).

I hope that helps!


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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if it helps to further understand, we use the youtube channel to share informally and post "practice" videos with basically a marketing agenda; e.g., for the upcoming focus reviews, I may practice (do my trial run) first on some videos that we share to youtube before recording the paid versions. Youtube is maybe our best marketing venue. Every once and a while, somebody will write and say our (free) youtube channel helped them pass the exam; that's cool with us :) .

There is overlap between YT channel and the FRM (of course) but the youtube is informal, not tightly organized, definitely not comprehensive (although many topics are ~ timeless) and not "current" to the latest syllabus.

I think we may soon start, fwiw, to share free "samples" of premium videos, soon; i.e., the first few minutes of paid videos, as additional marketing.