Thoughts on IMC exam please, value and difficulty??


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As I sit here waiting for my CFA L1 results and my career experience validation from GARP, I was looking into the IMC certiificate. I think it is big in the UK.

From what I can tell it is an "Entry level" exam. Has anyone here taken it? Anyone here taken it and also taken CFA L1? If I pass CFA L1 and both FRM's, will the IMC require much preparation? How hard is it?

Will the IMC help my career prospects, or just look like a step backwards next to FRM, and hopefully CFA L1?

Pros of taking the IMC:
It might not require much prep.
It is given any work day you like, schedule when you want.
If I pass both parts quickly I will have the certificate, don't have to wait another year to 18 months to finish it.

It will take up CFA L2 study time.
It costs money.
Might look like a step backwards.

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I never heard of it until now. From my five minutes of research, I do not see much value in it if you are actively pursuing CFA designation. IMC seems to be a very basic certification to get an entry level position.

At a certain point I think certifications have diminishing returns. Experience and connections triumphs all. CFA Charterholders are well perceived and being FRM Certified although a bit niche, does have it's name in the risk industry.

I think if your end goal is career prospects, there are better ways to spend time rather than collecting certifications.