The xVA Challenge


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Does anyone know which of these two are out of date for the May 2022 exam? The study notes and question set appear to cover different chapters/topics?

Chapters in the study notes:
Chapter 3. Counterparty Risk and Beyond
Chapter 6: Netting, Close-out, and Related Aspects
Chapter 7. Margin (Collateral) and Settlement
Chapter 11. Future Value and Exposure
Chapter 17. Credit Value Adjustment (CVA)
Chapters in the question set:
Chapter 4: Counterparty Risk
Chapter 5: Netting, Close-out and Related Aspects
Chapter 6: Collateral
Chapter 7: Credit Exposure and Funding
Chapter 9: Counterparty Risk Intermediation
Chapter 14:Credit and Debt Value Adjustments
Chapter 17: Wrong Way Risk


The study notes are correct. Some chapters were merged in Gregory's 4 edition even though the concepts remain the same. The one you are looking at is the 3rd edition.

You should look to the LO comparison sheet @Nicole Seaman compiles

I have a soft copy of the 4 edition i can provide if you want it.