Study notes and end of chapter questions


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Hi all,

Seeking guidance/clarification on something.

I'm quite new and have been following the study planner (advanced package).

As I've completed the study notes for Topic 1: Fundamentals of Probability, I decided to attempt the end of chapter questions (part of topic 1 study notes) as well as the practice set questions available via the study planner.

I've noticed that majority of the aforementioned questions is on materials/topics outside of Topic 1: Fundamentals of probability.

For example, end of chapter questions from topic 1 study notes: 300.2.
This question delves into quantiles which is from Topic 2, Random Variables.

As you might imagine, I'm now a bit confused as I was following the structure of the study planner, yet by doing so, seem to be getting assessed on materials from future topics (as organised by the study planner).

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something here but, given the above, would it be best to cover all the topic notes first, then attempt the end of chapter questions (from topic notes themselves) and the practice set questions (part of the study planner)?

Thank you all in advance.


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Hi @Mezzala95 ,

I understand your frustration. I still think it would be better for you to immediately attempt the questions after reading the study notes. The reason being that if you complete all the notes and go back to the first chapter (not topic)'s questions, you might forget some of the stuff you've read. As for the questions that cover topics ahead, you can simply research online on the relevant formulas/knowledge required or make an educated guess (which is actually a good way to train your thinking - deduction, because sometimes GARP gives questions on knowledge that you have never seen before).