Quant (Mod I) Learning Outcomes:Readings Map

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Attached is two-tab worksheet: 1st tab is sorted by readings (e.g., starts with Linda Allen reading) as they appear in the 2007 Study Guide. 2nd tab is same map, but sorted by the Learning Outcomes (starts with LO 1.1, which is not the first reading).

If you don't have Excel, no problem, here is the EditGrid link: http://www.editgrid.com/bt/frm2007/QuantLOs

(please note, EditGrid allows you to export into a dizzying number of formats!)

The John Hull reading is not included (Chapter 19) because this *critical reading* is not explicitly mapped to learning outcomes (I alerted GARP to this fact months ago when the LOs were released). What must have happened is that Hull LOs were usurped by the new Jorion reading.

But my advice is: do not skip Hull. He is the best on this topic. Worst-case, you will over-prepare a bit; e.g., Hull 19 shows you how to use GARCH(1,1) to forecast future volatility. There is no learning outcome for this, but the 2007 sample exam includes a question on this (sic?). I have asked GARP about this ("could there be a question where there is no learning outcome") and I await an answer...