Exam Feedback November 2018 Part 1 Exam Feedback


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Hey guys,

Last year the level 1 people started to see changes on the my programs page around 12 to 1PM EST US time (about an hour ago). Anyone seeing any changes? I am waiting for L2 results, but I know they are posted after L1.

Since it is getting later in the day and no one is reporting changes in the "my programs" page it might be that they finally cleaned up their website and are not letting info leak before the official date. I would actually welcome this.
Mranwhile,garp goes on posting random stuff about ransomware and digital transformation on facebook,completely oblivious to the suffering of thousands of exam takers around the world..that's kinda sadistic:)))


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I'm waiting for part 2 results, there is a similar thread on here for that. No indicators for anyone on part 2. Also in the past indicators for part 1 had come out by this time. Its possible there will be none, GARP may have fixed this characteristics