Exam Feedback May 2024 Part 2 Exam Feedback

May 2024 Part 2 Exam Feedback

  • I used Bionic Turtle for my P2 exam preparation

    Votes: 10 76.9%
  • I did not use Bionic Turtle for my P2 exam preparation

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • I found the P2 exam to be more difficult than expected

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • I found the P2 exam to be easier than expected

    Votes: 4 30.8%

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Nicole Seaman

Director of CFA & FRM Operations
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We hope that everyone did well on the FRM Part 2 exam! We would love to hear your feedback about your exam experience.
  • How did it go?
  • Did you encounter unexpected questions?
  • Which topics were tested?
  • Did you find it difficult?
Please also fill out the poll at the top of this post. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.

Note: This is ONLY for the Part 2 Exam. Part 1 Exam Feedback can be discussed HERE.
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I found the actual exam to be slightly more difficult than Part 1. In particular, I believe actual exam questions to be way closer to GARP practice exam questions than BT practice questions. Quantitative exercises were on average difficult and very close in spirit to GARP mock exam questions. Qualitative questions required some deep thinking before answering. The BT material allows each member to reach solid preparation that helps to reason in the actual exam context. I suggest enhancing the material on the Merton model since it has been widely tested in the actual exam with difficult questions. Some parts were not published by BT but tested in the actual exam (e.g. readings from the Current Issues module). Some fine-tuning would benefit members for the August and November exams.


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The exam went alright. It had more quantitative questions than I anticipated. I had to redo one question multiple times to get it right, which caused me to run short on time. I think I'll pass, but I'm not 100% sure.
Many of the qualitative questions were tricky and not straightforward, although I have some confidence that I got them right. However, given how tricky they were, I can't be certain..


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I found the actual exam more or less in line with the GARP Mock Exams, probably 1 or 2 notches more difficult. Around 70% qualitative and 30% quantitative questions. Honestly, compared to Part I I felt that BT this time was not very well organized in dealing with the curriculum changes. I do understand that the changes were quite significant this time, but I find unfair that all the study material hasn’t been published before the May session (missing 3 readings of the current issues part). In addition, the update was slow and very segmented, making even more difficult to study. Overall, I think that the preparation was enough, but I had to put much more effort compared to Part I given the lack of proper guidance from BT.