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Hi @David Harper CFA FRM @Nicole Seaman ,

Just cleared my L2 exam in August and the result is out yesterday. I am based in China and the August L2 exam is only available for exam sites in China (as all May exams are cancelled). I am grateful for all the in-depth analysis and discussion on the forum. By the time of transition (July I believe), I already finished most of my revision and downloaded a PDF copy of the notes and exercises. Luckily I was not affected by the Vital Source transition (that much).


Good luck to everyone who needs to handle with this change!

As I couldn't find a seperate thread for August P2 exam feedback (I guess less users on the forum are based in mainland China, not sure the user base will change after the transition), just wanted to share some quick tips for my peers:

1. Exams are very qualitative but not THAT qualitative. I still have 30-40% questions for quant questions. For quant ones, formulas are very straightforward.
2. Important to get sufficient sleep and rest. I am so nervous and can't sleep the night before the exam and found myself losing memory of many quant formulas and unable to concentrate - I guess that's why I score quite low for market risk and credit risk
3. GARP can be very random - in the CI part, the question of "Green Swan" coming up, I believe the reading is removed in the latest curriculum. BT CI part is very good.
4. For OP risk, CEO roles are tested several times. If my memory serves, they even tested Basel 1 requirement in a quant question. This is in contrast to what I think "they will only test the latest regulations"

Again, I have to admit that the transition is not very ideal for me but the discussion on the forum and well-written notes help me a lot and that's beyond what FRM tests.

Best of luck everyone!
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