Job titles: risk analyst vs manager

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During working experience, I've seen different approaches to job titles.
One employer has a Risk Control department and calls it's staff: risk analyst and senior risk analyst on the market risk side; and credit risk analyst, credit risk manager, senior credit risk manager on the credit risk side. Some staff after 8 year experience still have the "analyst" job title on their business card.

Another employer call its department Risk Management: the title analyst is used for graduate how recently join the business. They get the risk manager title after the first promotion.

Given there are different views, how does the financial industry see the difference between risk analyst and risk manager? Is it negative to have an analyst title on your CV when you already got 5 years experience?


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It depends. Country/person etc.. I personally look at the experience rather than the title. But then again, I've had many different titles in many different kinds of positions, so I tend to feel that the title doesn't say anything. (just look at the massive amounts of VP's and Directors in London for example)
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I think industrie sees it as a synonym and is more interested in the small descriptions of the daily jobwork