FAQ Exam How do we get critical (lookup) values during exam; e.g., critical normal Z or critical student's t?


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Are lookup tables provided in the FRM exam or do we use the calculator to find the critical values of the normal or t distributions? Thanks.


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There are snippets of tables or values provided in the exam booklet itself for t or other distributions. There are no separate look up tables provided in the exam if there are some values used in the question then this are mentioned in the question itself. Although you can memorize some of common normal distr values like N(95%)=1.645 etc. Calculator i don't think i used to get these values in the exam.


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Below is a partial snapshot of the normal Z lookup table provided as part of GARP's 2018 Part 1 Practice Exam. They have been known to provide the similar student's t table also; alternatively, the question might just provide the specific, applicable values rather than the entire table (to agree with Shakti's point above). Although, to further agree, you should definitely have memorized the one-sized Z = 1.645 @ 95.0% and Z = 2.33 @ 99.0%. And I would recommend also memorizing the two-sided Z = 1.96 @ 95.0% and Z = 2.58 @ 99.0%.