FAQ Before Exam How do I best utilize the forum?

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The Bionic Turtle FRM forum was created to provide our website visitors with a place where they can quickly find information about the FRM concepts without having to search through pages of study materials or different websites. The forum has been a tremendous asset to FRM exam candidates for many years, and consists of a decade of FRM concepts, practice questions and in-depth discussions between our subscribers and David Harper, CEO and Founder of Bionic Turtle. When you visit the forum, you will see that it is organized according to the topics in the GARP curriculum, which makes finding what you are looking for very easy. The search function in the forum also helps you to find what you are looking for quickly without having to search through all of the threads. First, let me tell you how the forum is organized to better help you understand the different sections.

There are two sections of the forum, which provide information to both free and paid subscribers. The free section of the forum provides information about the FRM in general and the paid section of the forum provides detailed practice questions, along with in-depth explanations and discussions to help candidates better understand the concepts.

The Office

The office.png

The Office section of the forum consists of important announcements about our website, the forum and our study materials, and is part of the free portion of the forum. You will want to make sure to visit this section regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on important information. Here are a few important threads that you will find in this section:
  • Curriculum Analysis Spreadsheet: Each year, we analyze the new GARP curriculum to make note of which readings have been updated, added or removed.
  • Part 1 & Part 2 Updated Materials List: We update content throughout the exam year, and we create these lists to help our subscribers to easily reference the materials that have been updated or added.
  • Publishing Process: This explains our process of preparing and publishing the materials, which change each year with the new curriculum.
  • Weekly Forum Contest: This is the fun area of our forum! Each week, we give stars to those who participate in the forum. At the end of the week, we randomly choose two participants, and they are awarded a prize!
  • Daily Practice Questions: Each week, Monday through Thursday, David writes fresh and unique practice questions.
  • David’s Notebook: David posts his weekly Week in Risk here, and other information that he believes will be useful to our subscribers.
  • FAQ’s: Here we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the FRM exam and Bionic Turtle.
Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Financial Risk Manager.png

This section of the forum includes information about the FRM in general and organizes the nine topics in the GARP curriculum for quick reference. This is also part of the free section of the forum. Every thread in this section provides an abundance of in-depth discussions about the FRM concepts. David and other members of the forum go into great detail to explain concepts that subscribers are having difficulty understanding or just need a little bit more of an explanation to understand more clearly. This is the section where you would post any questions that you have about any concepts that are in the GARP curriculum. Remember that there is no such thing as a dumb question! Asking questions is the best way for you to make sure that you completely understand the concepts that will be tested on the FRM exam!

You will also find threads in this section related to any errors that you might find in our study notes. Of course, we try our very hardest to provide our subscribers with the most up-to-date and accurate study materials, but we are also human and errors can sometimes be found in our notes. Your help in pointing out these errors helps us tremendously so we can quickly get them fixed in the PDF documents. Pointing out errors in this section will also earn you a star in our weekly forum contest!!

FRM Practice Questions (PQ)

FRM practice questions.png

This section is part of the paid section of the forum, and offers even more in-depth discussions about the FRM concepts! As noted above, the daily practice questions are posted in the free section of the forum each week Monday through Thursday. This paid section of the forum is where you will find the detailed explanations to all of those practice questions. David makes sure to explain each of the concepts in detail so they can be easily understood. As we all know, the FRM exam concepts are very difficult in nature, but David has a great gift in being able to make those concepts very clear!

When the practice questions are posted each week, we compile them in a complete question set, which is them published into our study planner. That is the reason why this is part of the paid section of the forum. On the answer page of each question set, you will find the forum link to those specific questions, which makes it quick and easy to find answers to your questions and to ask questions about a concept that you may not understand. By utilizing the forum while working your way through the practice question sets, you are providing yourself with more explanations about each question. This is a huge asset when studying for the FRM exam! Think about how many practice questions have been posted over the past 10 years! Here, you have access to all of those questions!

This section also includes detailed discussions about the GARP practice exam questions. There is a thread for both Part 1 and Part 2 practice exams, and there are many questions posted. When going through the GARP practice exams, you will find that utilizing this information will help you to better understand any of the questions that are giving you trouble.

Resources Section

resources page.png

Our Resources Section includes resources that we think will be helpful to our FRM members. We have added the GARP readings for the current issues topic of the curriculum so they are readily available when you begin studying this topic. Moving forward, we will be adding more resources to this section, including anything that we feel is an important addition to your FRM studies and anything risk related that we find interesting. If you have suggestions about anything that you think could be added to this section, we would love to hear your recommendations also! Feel free to email suggestions to [email protected]!

Four Ways to use the Bionic Turtle Forum to Enhance Your Studies
  • Keep the forum open when going through the study materials. Our forum adds tremendous value to your studies. It is inevitable that while going through your study materials, at some point, you will come across a concept that will make your head spin! This is when having the forum in front of you will help you to keep from going crazy trying to figure out the concept yourself. With the forum being so neatly organized, you can quickly find the concept that is giving you trouble. You can read through the discussions, ask a question if necessary, and move on more quickly than you would be able to without the forum.
  • Use the search function. The search function in the forum is extremely helpful when you know exactly what you are looking for. Typing in only a few keywords will bring up many threads in the forum, which contain an abundance of information. This helps you to save time since you are not having to search through many threads to look for a specific concept. The search function can also be utilized when you find a practice question that does not include a forum link. As previously stated, we do include a forum link on the answer page of the practice questions. However, once in a while you may come across a question that does not have a link. Copying the first few words of the practice question into the search box will bring up the original forum link to that specific question. We also encourage you to use the search function before posting a new thread. Many times, you will find that your question has already been answered. This helps to avoid duplicate posts about the same question, and it also prevents you from having to wait on an answer. If your question is already answered, you can move on quickly to the next concept.
  • Ask Questions! Like I said above, there is no such thing as a dumb question…..period! Everyone is here to learn the concepts of the FRM exam. It is a difficult exam with a huge number of concepts that need to be learned in a short period of time. Asking questions in the forum is the best way to understand a concept that is hard to understand. David and other members are great at taking a difficult concept and breaking it down until you are able to understand it. I have watched many of our subscribers come in completely confused about something, and after their question is answered in detail, a light bulb goes off and they finally get it!
  • Answer Questions. When you answer another members questions, you are actually helping yourself also! If you find questions that you know the answer to, answering them will help you to confirm that you understand the concept so there are no doubts. It also begins a discussion in the forum among numerous members that can be helpful to you, as it can bring up more detailed answers from other members that you may not have been aware of.
Participation in the Bionic Turtle forum is extremely rewarding, and many of our members have stated that they couldn’t have passed the FRM exam without it! There is so much information in our forum, and your participation only makes it better! Each day, as new discussions are posted, it creates more information for FRM exam candidates to reference. The Bionic Turtle team is eager to help all FRM candidates to successfully pass the FRM exam and retain the concepts that they have learned so they can use them in the future. Our team is not just here to help you pass the test. We want to provide a life-long understanding of the FRM concepts, and hope that your journey with us is a great one! Create a free account to begin using the Bionic Turtle forum!

Nicole Seaman

Director of FRM Operations
Staff member