How am I doing and thoughts on BT after my first week or so.


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Not sure where to put this, I didn't see a general disccussion forum so I am putting it here. Mods, please move it if there is a better place for it.

So I am roughly a week in. I read the first Garp book and all study notes on Foundations of Risk Management. I went though all of the practice set questions (The PDF ones), none of the review quizzes yet, and the only video I watched was the free one on youtube about CAPM. I am running at 79% on my first pass of the practice questions. That sounds very good based on what I have heard about BT difficulty. Or is this first level much easier than the rest? How am I doing?

I have found most of the notes to be well written and more to the point than the Garp books. I am probably going to step up to the next level to get full video access for where I am weak. I found the video I did watch very helpful.


I am not sure why you use PDF sheets instead of a question bank (what you call interactive). I am sure you have your reasons. Obviously interactive would be better for keeping track of performance and re-taking missed questions. I am logging everything on a spreadsheet.

I suggest you offer a blank answer form spreadsheet with all of the question numbers and topics pre-loaded, for each of the 9 parts, and a way to keep score on it. Not that it grades but allows the user to place an x somewhere and counts the x's. Just my two cents.

Back to the books.