FRM level 1 formula sheet


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Hi David, Suzzane,

I am paid member, recently bought advanced FRM material.
Just wanted to know from where I can download the FRM level 1 formula sheet?
The links in the forum(older posts) are not working.

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi @shardasb thanks for your purchase, we are glad to have you. In the Study Planner, you'll notice under Part 1 the organization is by topics (1 to 4) and then, at the bottom, is the Part 1 Review which contains resources that span the Part, including the formula sheet
(I see you called it level 1. FYI, GARP previously called it Level 1/2, but changed to "Part 1/2" which I know because we had to change everything here due to that change!), thanks!