Course Errors Found in 2021/2022 Study Materials P2.T7. Operational & Integrated Risk

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Please use this new thread to let David and I know about any errors, missing/broken links, etc. that you find in the 2021/2022 materials that are published in the study planner under P2.T7. Operational & Integrated Risk. This will keep our forum much more organized. We appreciate your cooperation! :)

PLEASE NOTE: Our Practice Question sets already have links to their specific forum threads where you can post about any errors that you find. This thread is for any other materials (notes, spreadsheets, videos, etc.) where you might find errors.

Information needed for us to correct errors:

  • Reading
  • Page number
  • Error
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Hello @Nicole Seaman . I have found the following error:

Reading - P2.T7. Operational & Integrated Risk Management Mark Carey, “Capital Regulation Before the Global Financial Crisis,” GARP Risk Institute, April 2019.

Page Number: 12

Error: issue in table related to Credit Conversion Factors for Traditional Off-Balance Sheet Exposures
Credit Conversion Factor 0% ; Loan commitments with original maturity greater than or equal to one year

Page Number: 13
Add-On Factors for calculation of CEA.

Wrong maturity in Maturity column.


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In "Describe the motivations for and calculate the capital conservation buffer and the countercyclical buffer introduced in Basel III, including special rules for globally systemically important banks (G-SIBs)." Within T7-R37-P2-Carey (appx. P.10), the notes state: total tier 1 capital equals 1.5% RWA of AT1 Capital is required to be 8% of RWA (=7%+1.5%).

I think this should in fact state that it's 2.5% RWA of AT1 capital, = 6% + 2.5%, per the fact that it's 2.5% that's added and not 1.5%.