Download Problem


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When I click the link to download the pdf version of the notes, it just opens the same page I was on in a new tab. I was able to successfully download 3 readings, but then it stopepd working. Are the notes not out yet? Please advise.


Nicole Seaman

Director of FRM Operations
Staff member
Hello @dwheats

I also sent you an email in response to the email that you sent to us, but since the launch of our new website, we have had some issues with the study planner redirecting back to the same page when trying to download. Our maintenance team has been working very hard to resolve this issue so we appreciate your patience during this process. Also, please make sure to look at our post in the Announcements section to review our publishing process, as we begin publishing new materials in January and continue to publish new materials throughout the exam period and not all at once.

Thank you,