FAQ After Exam Does PhD count as work experience?


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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding what qualifies as a work experience. The website stated that :

"Experience completed during school will not be considered, including internships, part-time jobs, or student teaching."

I'm going to start my PhD in Risk & Actuarial Studies on February 2021, and if I passed FRM part 2 this May, by the end of my PhD program (2025) I won't be able to accumulate the work experience that needed. However, If I take a research assistant in the financial risk field during my PhD program or something similar, will that be able to count as my work experience?

Thank you!


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I don’t believe it does. It might if you were a postdoc though. I’d email GARP, but I would be surprised if it counted.

That being said, if you are doing a PhD, I don’t see how much value you will get out of FRM. Maybe best to focus on that and your internships. What do you need FRM certification for?


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@Detective Thanks for the reply, I took FRM Part 1 while I was working, and just deciding to do PhD recently. I don't want to go halfway in the FRM since I actually really like the topic in Part 2 and was thinking to finish it.

Anyhow, I would definitely check with GARP!


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Hi there. I have cleared two parts of FRM, by now I have 1 year of full time risk manager experience in commercial bank. Before taking FRM I have completed PhD , my topic is in the area of risk management (modelling bank's risk-taking behavior) but unfortunately it was not counted to my work experience. I have read in forums that if research directly concerns risks, it should be counted as work experience. Is it true? I have relevant experience in investment banking area (financial analyst) too, but it was long time ago (about 10 year before), can it be counted as work experience?


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Hi @dorathy ,

You can probably just email GARP to reconsider. They would be happy to grant you the certification, it is free publicity for them anyway.