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Anyone preparing for the cfa exam might find this link useful. While preparing for the exam one needs to know the authentic sources to study from.
This is the list of the books that are useful for the preparation towards the exam..
1. Fabozzi: For fixed income securities covered in the exam. A well known and authentic source of learning that can be beneficial for anyone preparing for the exam. This books vovers almost all the concepts which is quite elaborate in the sense.
2.Bodie, Kane and Marcus(BKM): Investments: Its the authority for the cfa exam , anyone planning to give the exam must have it, its the main text book for the cfa exam. The book covers all the concepts in good details including portfolio management, fixed income, equity, derivatives etc. But the book is more appropriate when covering portfolio management , i am again reading this for my Cfa level 3 exam whose main focus is the portfolio management. Although is also very helpful for the first two levels so keep the book with you during your tenure in the cfa program studies for all the three levels and study it as many times as possible. its a great book
3. Hull(Options,Futures and other Derivatives): covers the derivatives in great detail and is very useful if you want to score heavily in the derivatives section of the exam. Futures, forwards and options are covered in great detail certainlya bible for the derivatives if not finance.
4. Damodran(valuation tools and techniques): The book covers almost everything you need to know about valuation. All the models of valuation like DDM,DCF models,Residual are covered under absolute valuation techniques and relative valuation techniques are covered too. The use of BSM model to value the companies in financial distress and other companies is good method that i looked for the first time and found it interesting.
5. Stephen Penman(Financial statement Analysis): When i encountered the residual valuation method in the college i picked up this book from the library and studied for the residual income valuation , was covered in very understandable manner. The book thoroughly explians the equity valuation models, the balance sheet and income statement the cash flows. Its certainly useful for somebody who want to know valuation in more depth.