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Breaking Into Wall Street is the first and only interactive financial modeling training platform that allows financial services professionals to master financial modeling and become more valuable to your firm, with self-paced learning and lifetime 365-day support to ensure that participants master concepts quickly and effectively, without straining your time or money or requiring professionals to be away from work for days at a time.

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling 2.0 teaches you how to master the questions and case studies you’ll need to win offers at the top real estate private equity firms, brokerages, development firms, and investment banks.
  • Oil & Gas Financial Modeling: Master the nuances of oil and gas accounting, valuation, and financial modeling with detailed, step-by-step video training. These are skills that are NOT taught in undergraduate or MBA program, but which any oil & gas group will expect you to know in interviews and on the job.
  • The Investment Banking Networking Toolkit makes it easy to create valuable contacts and connections that will ease your way into a great job in IB, Private Equity or Hedge Funds.
  • The Investment Banking Interview Guide 4.0 takes interview preparation way beyond “regurgitating canned responses” to “mastering the fundamental concepts.” BIWS also gives you multiple ways to test yourself so that you can identify and fix any weaknesses before you step into the interview room.
  • BIWS Platinum Bundle: BIWS bundled up ALL of their courses into a "super package" called BIWS Platinum – which lets you get your hands on all of the courses that you’d very likely invest in over time anyway.
  • Breaking Into Wall Street Premium gives you the “standout factor” you need to succeed in Investment Banking and finance interviews.
  • Bank Modeling: The Breaking Into Wall Street Bank & Financial Institution Modeling Course is hands-down the fastest way to master real-world bank modeling and valuation.
  • Excel & Financial Modeling Fundamentals 4.0: BIWS has revised its incredibly popular course that members call "deal experience in a box." Learn Excel, accounting, valuation, and financial modeling from the ground up with over eight real-life case studies from around the world. This course is much more than theory; included are actual company valuations, the creation of a merger model, and building a leverage buyout (LBO) model.
  • Advanced Financial Modeling teaches you how investment bankers model companies in real life. Everything is based on a case study of Microsoft’s offer to acquire Yahoo, and real SEC filings and equity research from banks such as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley are used throughout the course.
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