Archegos Capital and Risk Management


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Hi Fellow Risk Managers and Aspiring Risk Managers

The most recent event that has highlighted the importance of sound risk management at Banks is Archegos Capital. It was a classic case of Banks not focusing too much on Concentration, Collateral, Correlation and Counterparty Risk

The other one was Long term Financing disguised as Receivable funding as it happened in the case of Greensill Capital.

I have covered the case of Archegos Capital here, I will cover Greensill at a future date, for those interested, I have provided links to understand Greensill from FT below

Archegos Saga - LinkedIn Article

Greensill Capital and Supply Chain Financing

Note: For FT, there may be a paywall, if you are not able to access the same, I will publish a separate story on Greensill at a later date