1. Z

    P1T1 CAPM vs APT, APT not included in study notes

    Hi, I am looking at Elton, Modern Portfolio Theory, Chapter 13 / Study Notes: Elton, Chapter 13 but only able to find CAPM not APT also not in later chapters as I see questions related to APT or APT/CAPM comparisons in the question set under this chapter. Could someone point me to the right...
  2. P

    GARP.FRM.PQ.P1 FF Model

    According to Bodie, Kane, Marcus each of the following is true, could someone please explain me how is it so? 1. While SMB (Small Minus Big) and HML (High Minus Low) are not themselves the candidates for relevant risk factors , the argument is that these variables are proxies for fundamental...
  3. Nicole Seaman

    P1.T1.611. Arbitrage pricing theory (APT) (Topic Review)

    Questions: 611.1. Peter the portfolio manages observes the following three well-diversified portfolios (A, B and C) that exist in a single-factor economy: If Peter seeks to conduct an arbitrage with a long/short portfolio with $2.0 million of gross exposure, what is the expected profit...