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    After Passing FRM II

    Hi all, it has been around 3 weeks since the results and I was thinking how the recent Part II pass-outs plan to : 1. retain the knowledge they have gained 2. build on the knowledge gained ( stay current) 3. learn more applications to apply the knowledge they have gained by learning...
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (May 2015) Exam Feedback

    On the lighter side ....If GARP ask 2-3 simple questions like: What is the full form of GARP? What is the difference of questions asked in Part 1 and Part 2? It will lighten the candidate's stress or what?
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    Memorizing more complex formulas for Part 2

    Download the Program Manual, it has the AIMS, for formulas concentrate on Calculate, Compute and Derive AIMS. link is!/frm_study_materials/
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    Admission ticket

    Login to GARP and goto My Programs, link to admission ticket is on the top right.
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    Admission ticket

    The candidate number in my admission number is missing. Is it the same for all or do i need to contact GARP? Somebody please check and let me know.
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    ACTION REQUIRED: Confirm your goverment issued ID name

    Thanks ami44 it shows View ID Card Info for me too, I guess I just have to check the information there and leave it. You filled only 3 fields ? Name, ID Type and ID Number?
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    ACTION REQUIRED: Confirm your goverment issued ID name

    Has anybody got the mail from GARP with the above subject. I got one and after clicking YES I am taken to it tells to that you have to enter all the ID Info again, now I have been trying to follow instructions given there but could not find the Add ID...
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    New FRM exam policies

    The latest mail says that GARP will provide pencils and erasers, no mention of sharpners ...
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    New FRM exam policies

    What about pencil sharpners ? We will need to sharpen the pencils, or do we get our own ?
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    Reading by O'Hara

    thanks i found it at!/frm_readings/?sctp=PPC&scvn=Google&scsrc=Google_Search&sckw=frm&gclid=Cj0KEQjwgI6pBRDak6aRovWNqLsBEiQA8zZSLnjTMObeZtXWKwfnEz3gkqvv3h0XyVQKGchXf8cVvroaAi4u8P8HAQ
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    Reading by O'Hara

    Hi @tosuhn could you please guide me to the link from where I can download the Current Issue readings, the new website is giving me some issues.... thanks in advance.
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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Updated Materials for 2015

    I agree with above. One more very good resource is the FRM Program Manual, especially the Reading Plan on Page 62. This reading plan has logical continuity to it. This is the same reading plan GARP sends across in emails, but it is complete in Program Manual. Hope this helps.
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (November 2014) Exam Feedback

    Has anybody any idea about the changes in the FRM part II syllabus for 2015, I ve tried GARP site but its not updated there, also if someone knows when they will be updated.
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    VaR calculation: Short doubt's clear now. I got confused in converting theory to formulas, really appreciate your timely reply. It would really be beneficial if you could put this in study notes as this is the best explanation of the concept that I found.
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    VaR calculation: Short doubt

    @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM Sir could you please comment on whether the formula list i made is correct or not
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    VaR calculation: Short doubt

    The formula where (-mu+alpha*sigma) is when the profit or loss data is in P/L form, it is for the same reason I made the formula list, even I got confused in the beginning. I got confused because of question 69.1 but here...
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    VaR calculation: Short doubt

    As per my understanding the basic formulas are the same but it's the form that the data is in that changes the formulas, basically L/P data are a simple transformation of P/L data: L/P = −P/L, L/P observations assign a positive value to losses and a negative value to losses, and we will call...
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    We are starting Greek Week here at Bionic Turtle!

    alpha is the weight assigned to the last period return .... in ARCH(m) and GARCH(1,1) . Also, in EWMA alpha is equal to (1-lambda) where lambda is the volatility decay factor
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    Guarantee fees

    Same doubt here, can anybody explain please.