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  • Hi Nicole,
    Could you please help me reset the password of my original profile(username: odhruvji, email: [email protected])? Whenever I try to reset it says that invalid username or email.

    Hello Nicole, I just logged in to check out some of the topic review videos but somehow none of these videos appear on the new website. Can you please let me know if I need to change something? Thanks, Roald
    Hello Nicole,

    I just discovered BT recently and just singed up. I want to go for FRM part 1 in May 2016 and as I don't like failing I am thinking of start studying from now on the old materials and update my self for the changes ( it will give me few month of extra study).
    Can you please tell me if this strategy sound well
    Hi Nicole,
    I only use the 2013 and BT notes etc.. and after reading the comments under the "FRM Part 1 (May 2015) Exam Feedback" topic I start wondering if I am following the correct strategy. Do you already have all new Chapters/Topics discussed in 2015 Part I covered or are more coming? What do you think of having any new inputs that corresponds to new chapters flagged as New Topic?
    Thank you.
    Hi Nicole,
    I have registered a Month ago for Part I and would like to know if it is normal that my replies dont appear in the study planner section?
    I tried to reply to Buheji, (Foundations of Risk Management Hull, Chapter 6 Study Notes: Hull, Chapter 6 (Updated 03/15)) it did not seem to work?
    Thank you.

    Suggestion: Wouldn't it be better if the may 2015 feedback threads were placed under "about FRM", like theay 2014 ones, rather than under "announcements"? I think more people would reply to them. The part 2 thread has like 2 replies. :)
    Hi Nicole,

    I am a potential FRM candidate and would like to ask about the availability of chapters readings, assigned by GARP and which I see very important to read in details about the concepts, within bionic turtle's platform.


    hai nicole
    hai i have just registered for the bionic turtle for part2. i want to know how to post the questions and get reply
    Hi Nicole,

    I would like to claim my forum participation prizes which i had accrued so far (there should be 3 in total, 1 under my old name, 2 under my new name). Could you inform me on the process of how i could claim them as amazon vouchers?


    PS: i'll be happy to be a returning customer whenever i decide to go for the Part 2 exam :)
    nicole,i want to take up FRM exam in nov-15. i have two queries it would be kind if you can guide me:1. i have no idea on risk management, i have worked in bank and now working in a technology company. will FRM boost my much time do we need to study to clear frm exam.
    Hi Nicole,
    I've been looking to ask questions or make comments in the blog but much of the time I'm told I have "insufficient privilege to reply here". Why is that? What other method should I then use to respond to a post or ask a question?

    Hi Nicole. In hindsight, i decided to change my forum name. However, i noticed that other post from you and david in which i was tagged so far with an "@screenname" are still with the old one. I realize it's a bit a pain, but would it be possible to adapt these too? There shouldn't be so many normally, i'd be happy to identify them and point them out if that helps. thanks!
    Hi Nicole I have just cleared my frm part 1 and like to enroll for the frm part 2 with BT. Can you please guide as to how to move and start preparing using BT. I m confused here.
    Hi Christian,

    I am a FRM level 2 candidate for the November Exam and just currently enrolled for the Tier 3 package. Before joining the course i had gone through a few videos on Youtube (Eg: historical/EWMA/GARCH) which explained the concepts using the spreadsheets. But i cant find such videos available.

    Royden Pereira
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